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FRAM for Arduino.

Add fast, versatile, non-volatile ferroelectric memory (FRAM) to your Arduino. Simple hardware interface using SPI bus supports up to 256KB per FRAM chip.

More memory! Release 1.5 adds support for 128KB and 256KB FRAMs and new test program for multiple devices.

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MCP9804 temperature sensor.

A comprehensive Arduino library and breakout board for Microchip Technology's I2C digital temperature sensor.

New! Release 0.2 gives you more control over the MCP9804 alert output.

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CC3000 Mini-Shield.

Connects an Adafruit CC3000 WiFi Breakout to an Arduino Mega, leaving many of the Mega's digital and analogue pins clear for you to use.

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Future projects.

"Sonar et Lumiere".
Working title! Presence-aware display controller for Adafruit NeoPixel LED strips.
Arduino-based, PC-controlled digital signal and sweep generator for aligning and testing RF devices up to 30 MHz.
AD8307 Power Meter.
Logarithmic power meter to work with the SIGuino signal generator.